Solar for Your Business or Organization

Plus Electric Solar Solutions is an EPC (Engineer, Procurement, Construction) company. We have the combined experience to design and build a commercial solar system for your business or organization.

Commercial & Government Solar Electricity

When you install a solar energy system at your business or organization, you can reap a multitude of benefits. Perhaps the most well-known benefit is the fact that your municipal electrical bills will start to decrease, which can be a huge relief. This is especially true if you run a company that relies on a lot of computer power, such as a data management center or customer service phone bank.

Commercial & Government Solar Pool Heating

Your organization can still use your swimming pool if you have a pool heater installed, but using a pool heater can become expensive if you’re using standard electrical or gas system. Solar pool heaters can keep your swimming pool affordable and comfortable all year round.

Commercial & Government Solar Development

Your all-in-one commercial solar contractor, developer, and consultant. Thinking about developing a solar project and don’t know where to begin?  We specialize in the development and design of commercial solar arrays, solar car ports, and other commercial solar projects.

Commercial & Government Solar Financing

Many businesses want to invest in solar but don’t have room in the budget.
There are many creative ways to finance a solar system and/or pay for your electricity over time. We can help you acquire an investor or identify funding sources for your commercial solar project.